clad in the skin,
enjoy love

Precious time with loved ones.
peec's aim is to care for women's troubles inside and outside the vagina so that they can enjoy the most important moments.
We want to be a lingerie cosmetics brand that is close to love.

What's peec?

Essence Lubricant Lotion

Lubrication beauty hybrid lotion
Fun and beauty at the same time
Warmer and more comfortable
floral rose scent
What is Essence Lubricant Lotion?
"Lubricating beauty lotion
(hybrid lotion)".

"Vaginal care and lubricating beauty hybrid lotion with plenty of nutritional ingredients"
Care for women's problems inside and outside the vagina while promoting orgasm
Also works as a lubricant.

It is an innovative lubricating beauty lotion characterized by its ease of use, which allows you to fully enjoy the act of orgasm while providing aging care*3.
*3 Age-appropriate care